School History

Oak Grove School History

The School Bell

Oak Grove history video, produced by Roger Pruitt and Cary (Skip) Harmon Pruitt III, linked from YouTube.

Osage Trail video, produced by Dave Oas (Parsons, KS) – Trotters Ford to south of Oak Grove school

3 thoughts on “School History”

  1. Larry Wayne Boucher said:

    Wonder full old school

  2. Donald E Wall said:

    Wow! What great nostalgia, I started school here in the first grade in 1945. At times when I have returned to Parsons for a visit, I always return to Oak Grove to relive the time when I was a student here. Wonderful pictures.

  3. Roger Pruitt said:

    Donald, the school will be open for tours on Saturday, May 15, 2021. You are welcome to visit!

    Oak Grove School Historical Society

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