Repairs & Improvements

Repair Results – November 2020

Before – Side away from the road, Porch on the right, Storage room on the left.


After – Side away from the road.


Before – Side facing the road.


After – Side facing the road.


After – Above the roof of the porch.


Commemoration stone (close up) – above the porch roof.


After – We see the porch, the side of the school house nearest the road, and the exterior door to the storage area. On the far right is a distant view of the remains of the wooden outhouse. The outhouse was a wooden version of the modern plastic port-a-potties. On the very far right is a view of a little bit of the flag pole.


Porch – The flag pole is between the road and the school house.




Close up of the Plaques to the right of the door to the porch.



Exterior Repairs

In late July 2012, it was deemed necessary to make several repairs to maintain the integrity of the building. Not much maintenance had been done on the school for nearly 20 years, so time and weather had taken some toll. Although the roof itself was in great shape, there was a lot of wood rot in the window casings, facia boards, and soffits. The openings from this deterioration were also exposing the interior of the building to the “elements” of the outdoors (moisture, mud dobbers, etc.).

Additional future repairs/improvements are warranted, but those completed were deemed the most critical to ensure the building would be secure and not deteriorate any further over the winter.

Interior Repairs

The interior of the school needs some wall plaster repair and re-painting. Plans are to furnish the interior to appear similar to how it would have appeared in the late 1800’s. The electrical wiring needs replacement to provide for new light fixtures and receptacles. More to come…

2 thoughts on “Repairs & Improvements”

  1. My Mother has a round barrel black stove she would like to donate to your school. If you can use the stove please reply. I have a old folding school desk that I would donate. I can have pictures if you are interested.

    • rogerpruitt said:

      Daniel: Thanks very much for your note. We would indeed be interested in the items you mention. And are the pictures you mention pictures of the school? I will be up in the Parsons area in June. Perhaps we could connect at that time. We will have a dedication of the school as an historical site on Saturday June 18 at Noon. Please feel welcome to attend.Thanks again. Roger Pruitt (

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