Oak Grove School Historical Society


Oak Grove School News Report by KOAM TV


The Oak Grove School Historical Society is a charitable, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. The purpose of the Historical Society is to preserve this unique one-room schoolhouse, and its adjacent cemetery, for the education and enrichment of future generations. The Oak Grove school is located on its original site. Its structure is original and its appearance very much the same as when the school was built in 1877. The school represents an opportunity for modern-day school children to visit and experience for themselves what a one-room country school setting would have been like in the nineteenth century on the Kansas prairie of the American frontier.

In an effort to preserve this heritage, the Oak Grove School Historical Society collects and stewards donations for the maintenance and improvement of the school. The Historical Society coordinates reunions and gatherings at the school and welcomes anyone who has a historical connection to the school or who might be interested in sharing the one-room school with small groups of school children for educational purposes.

The Oak Grove School Historical Society is also actively seeking to have the Oak Grove School listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Any questions regarding the school or the cemetery may be directed by email to oakgroveschoolhouse@gmail.com.

Board of Directors

President Julie Johnston, Parsons, KS
Vice President Cary Pruitt, Muskogee, OK
Treasurer Roger Pruitt, Houston, TX
Secretary Paul Ivy, McKinney, TX

4 thoughts on “Oak Grove School Historical Society”

  1. I have a photo that I believe is this school. It shows students and the words Oak Grove School 1915 on it. Sadly it is in fairly poor condition.

  2. I was just puzzling over the same photo! Glad to see that my sister Virginia Allain contacted you about it. Our Mother had identified it as being in Wilson County, but I’m also thinking it might be Oak Grove School in Neosho County.

  3. Danny Smith said:

    I went to a box supper there around 1956 or 57; and bought a girl’s box lunch, married her in 1961. Still live within 8 miles.

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